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The Old School Way

Old School Muay Thai was founded in 2004 by Kru James Hines, the first student of Canada’s Thai champion, Ajahn Suchart. Old School is one of the original Muay Thai gyms in Toronto and stays true to its roots by delivering no frills, high quality, traditional Muay Thai training to students.

Beginners are welcomed into a friendly environment, while experienced Muay Thai students will have access to skilled instructors. Our members have the added benefit of knowing their fees support our community youth-at-risk program.

What to Expect

Our classes are designed to offer you a complete workout while learning and practicing traditional Muay Thai techniques using shadow boxing, bag work and body weight conditioning.

As any of our students can attest, the therapeutic benefits of punching and kicking out a day’s frustration are noticeable.

During the pandemic, we are not able to allow students to use the change rooms. lockers and showers, so please arrive ready to work out, with water and your own hand wraps and gloves. (We sell these at the gym, so don't worry if you do not yet have a pair.)

"OSMT has knowledgeable and passionate instructors who truly care about powerful and beautiful Muay Thai. The community of students is very diverse, welcoming, and tight knit which really helps keep you motivated! The vibe is very positive and will push you to improve your level of fitness and technical ability, regardless of your experience!"


-David, joined May 2019

First class? 

Come dressed ready to sweat in athletic shorts and shirt. Bring a bottle of water. If you have these items on hand — a skipping rope, hand wraps and bag gloves — it is helpful. If you don’t, we have equipment on sale at the gym.


Meet the Team

These are some of our dedicated instructors 🙏🏼

In 2006, James was awarded the distinguished title of “Kru” (instructor) by respected Muay Thai Ajahn (Master) Suchart and the Thai ambassador to Canada. He has played an instrumental role in the establishment of Muay Thai as a respected sport in Canada.


James has been trained by some of the most established and experienced Muay Thai competitors in the world in Thailand and Canada, and has himself represented Canada in North American and World Amateur competitions in the USA and Thailand. He is sparring partner to world champion Clifton Brown; the training they did together was instrumental in securing the win against Manson Gibson for the North American Light Heavy Weight Championship in 2003.


James combines a decade of experience as a personal trainer and respected coach with his Muay Thai expertise. He established Muay Thai Training Centres, Inc, a not-for-profit division of Old School Muay Thai in support of Toronto’s at-risk youth through access to Muay Thai training.

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Kru James Hines

Zayan joined Old School Muay Thai in the early days through the youth program and, 8 years later, is an experienced fighter and mentor. With 3 demos and 2 fights, he regularly helps members sharpen skills and achieve their fitness goals.

Zayan still gives back to the youth program in the afternoons, and teaches Thursday evening classes.

Zayan Rafeek

Alejandro came to Old School five years ago just wanting to get fit, and, in addition to that, fell in love with the sport of Muay Thai and the friendly community at the gym. Alejandro has trained and fought in Thailand.

He leads a sweaty Friday morning class, and encourages other members to run with him twice a week before the evening class.

Alejandro Gonzalez
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