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Why Old School Muay Thai?

As the art of Muay Thai gains popularity thanks to the success of the UFC and MMA, people become more aware of this form of fitness and the benefits it can offer to casual followers and serious athletes alike. 


Come and learn from a school that has supported this sport for years before it was hip and cool to do so. Old School Muay Thai is one of the original gyms in Toronto, founded by Kru James Hines, the first student of Canada’s Thai champion, the respected father of this Thai tradition, Ajarn Suchart.

You cannot get more fit than a person who routinely attends our classes. You will not get bored and there will always be a new level of skill and fitness to achieve. Beginners are welcomed into a friendly environment, experienced Muay Thai students will have access to skilled instructors who can help them augment their experience with new skills and challenges.

In addition to our central location, convenient hours, affordable memberships, fundamental “boot camp” and optional personal training along, our members has the added benefit of knowing their membership fees support Old School Muay Thai’s community youth-at-risk program. This program is also supported by community agencies and the UFC.

Our Muay Thai Classes

Experience hard-core Thai-style training blended with contemporary knowledge of cardiovascular/interval training, core stability and strength training.

Each of our classes include all the elements of a complete fitness regime. The first half of class is an aerobic warm-upincluding stretching, skipping and ‘old school’ conditioning with push-ups and squats, plus a focus on core training. The second half of the workout consists of learning and practicing traditional Muay Thai techniques on heavy bags, Thai pads and punching stands, as well as shadow-boxing. As any of our students can attest, the therapeutic benefits of punching and kicking out a day’s frustration are measurable and immediate.

What does this mean for you? Working with our experienced instructors, you’ll find your correct intensity, duration and frequency of exercise guaranteeing you:

  • Solid, traditional Muay Thai technique

  • Weight loss

  • Increased endurance

  • Increased strength

  • Lowered stress levels

Fundamental classes are either 60- or 90-minutes in length. Our instructors have worked with students at every level of fitness and can help you customize the workout to your personal strengths and abilities as you develop good fitness, endurance and skills. We want to help you get fit, healthy and strong.

Open and Intermediate level classes are 90-minutes in length. Students usually meet for a run 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of these sessions. Participation in this conditioning activity is highly recommended.

First class? Come ready to sweat in sports shorts and shirt. Bring along a bottle of water. If you have these items on hand — a skipping rope, hand wraps and bag gloves — it is helpful. If you don’t, we’ll share.